How will we assist?


  • Once a student gets registered with Axis, councillors will be assisting the student and suggesting to the student what he/she can opt to study.
  • Councillors will be helping to filter the courses; the choice of selection of the college depends on the students.
  • After selection of course, the student will be assisted by the organization to help in submission of the application form to the desired college.
  • After form submission, the student is expected to submit all the desired documents to the firm to revert the confirmation of admission.
  • The student will be assisted with the entire fee payment schedule which includes living expenses also.
  • As the student pays fees and once the living expense is transferred to the account, the process for visa starts.
  • The child will be assisted to take a medical date as well as a date for biometrics.
  • Once everything is done the documents will be submitted for visa.
  • Once the visa arrives, the child will be helped to book ticket and the details of quarantine will also be informed.
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